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Given proper nourishment, nutrients and care a small plant can become a strong tree, we believe children are like plants with a strong base nurtured with knowledge, determination, and perseverance they can achieve great things.

We are a team of brilliant and dedicated teachers and mentors with the will to keep the fire of knowledge and brilliance kindred in their curious minds.

Our students have shown great success with their hard work and determination to gain knowledge supported by our teacher's knowledge and dedication.

Our Achievements are Vedic Maths Olympiad 1 Rank in India 2013 Rank in India 2013 IMO State Toppers, Rajasthan 2011, 12 & 13 talent Hunt State Topper, Rajasthan 2012 & 13 State Topper, Rajasthan 2014 XII CBSE State Topper, Rajasthan 2013 (97% Marks) IAIS Australia, State Topper, Rajasthan, 2010, 11 & 12 NSTSE, 2nd Ranker, Rajasthan 2012 98.8 percentile in IIT 2018 98.2 % in XII board exams 2018 Students with 100/100 in Maths and Science 2018 in X board exams .